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Listening reimagined.

IGMaudio is the best online source for audio mixing and mastering.

Think perfection from the ground up, our in-depth knowledge of sound engineering and music mixing services will enforce the quality of music to remote artists and Labels.

IGMaudio has specialized in providing audio assets online with the highest quality analog and digital tools. Strategically located in Brussels, EU | Los Angeles, CA, we’re in the perfect time zone to provide on-time audio from Seoul to Nashville to London at the most optimal rates. We provide mixing services with quality assurance in a results-based setup, with a highly qualified, certified Audio engineer.

Artists and those curious to stack us up against the competition out there, IGMaudio provides from stereo mixdown to Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos on Apple Music. We know how every decision along the way is important, and everything we do, we do in an open, friendly and collaborative environment. Hit strong right of out the gate, and have the biggest possible impact upon commercial release.


Music is our starting point

Across our company, we are excited about delivering a product and an experience that our customers love and care about by providing world-class mixes on a wide range of genres and branches of the industry. Music is our passion and the dream is still intact but with more than 60k songs released a day, there’s only one way to stand out. The cost of entry is low… significantly low in the attempt of fulfilling one’s musical dreams. But don’t be fooled! – Quality would always step out over the quantity and we’re here to better enhance and reveal all the beauty of a song so you can better create a seamless connection with the heart and soul of your audience. Everybody deserves a good fit. Whether you are a producer, weekend singer, or a major label we are here to help you reach your goals.


Always Comes With Extra Outcome

A great song… still a great song if recorded, produced, mixed and mastered that competes on the level of the famous artist you’d like to be part with. And done so by PROS. At every step.  In a world where the threshold for music and audio production increasingly becomes lower because of technology and digitalization, we want to combine forces to guarantee quality, creativity, innovation, and most of all craftsmanship for your project.  We provide many audio mixing options. From stereo to Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos according to your preferences. Just bring your aesthetic wish list, and we’ll help to get it done beautifully and professionally.

What They’re Saying About Us!

“I know with certainty that my masters will sounds warm, wide, loud and world-class. My records get a second life every time - put the piece in their hands!”

Coca DillazSongwriter / DJ & Producer

“I just made a request for a demo and 24 hours later the result and the quality of execution was there. I am definitely in favor of using IGMaudio's services from now on.”

Vik ToreusDJ / Producer

“The level and quality of IGMaudio's work is excellent and is always provided with great care.”

KilezaSinger / Producer

“The work is outstanding! My songs always come back better and stronger. Thank you!”

Jax De La MareProducer / Songwriter

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Build things that inspire people.

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