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We help mixers, producers, and labels identify the root cause of
residual mix problems and set to music the amount of loudness
that will have the biggest impact on commercial releases.

IGMastering is nothing but the Best Online Mastering place built for music creators looking for an online mastering service provider for music and audio restoration.

Think to perfection from the ground up by experienced sound engineers, our in-depth knowledge of sound engineering and Music Mastering Services will enforce the quality of music to remote artists and Labels.

IGMaudio has specialized in providing Audio Mastering online with the greatest analog and digital tools strategically located in Brussels, EU. Perfectly suited with timezone to provide on-time Mastering in Los Angeles or Mastering in Nashville at effective rates. We provide attended live streaming services with Quality assurance in an evidence-based environment. With a qualified and certified Mastering engineer.

For upcoming artists or curious to challenge us with other professionals, IGMastering provides a Free Online Music Mastering demo.  We know every decision has its importance and we want you to succeed every time so you can hit strong first and have the biggest impact on commercial releases. Use our Online Mastering For Free, It’s simple and easy. You just upload a finished mix. We’ll master your song and send back a 1-2 minute sample at no cost.        

Key features

Always Comes With Extra Outcome

Our Online Music Mastering services are thought to work with the best audio equipment and engineers with AMAZING music mastering Session Portal that will allow easy communication and provide innovative ways to cut ties with long back and forth messages.  Session Portals are entirely built and found their roots in 2020 to facilitate our client’s workflow and centralize information, audio files, and feedback in one place. Our Audio Mastering Services platform is the perfect environment for music & content creators, mixers, producers, curators, labels, distributors transmitting their work after their production completion sessions.


Professional Equipment

We spend a ton of time choosing the right gear for our studio that’ll put a smile on your face and provide outstanding accuracy, wonderful sound signature, and consistency over time. Our audio path is fully juiced up with custom Grimm TPR audio cables for an impressive stereo image & openness. Our “color boxes” include compact (but heavy), quiet and versatile tools of Rupert Neve Designs, Pultec, Millenia, BAE, Summit audio, Western Electric. Our Monitors are Genelec 1037B Mod followed by Yamaha Ns10 & Auratone 5c for references. In addition, each and every Online Mastering service and Attended Online Session pass through a Qes Labs HPBA-2S pair with the Sennheiser HD800 with TPR Custom Cables. Digital equipment includes Shadow hills and Bax from Plugin alliances, Weiss from Softube, Fabfilter, and Maat Digital.      

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