Master My Channel


(Launching price the first semester)
  • Fully customized master chain
  • MRC/MHS assistance
  • Plugins integration & setup
  • Priority Email & Live Chat Support
  • Full access to Session Portal

At IGMaudio, we highly encourage Ep's and Albums to come to fruition. We know how courageous you are and how difficult it is, so we're willing to grant a discount from 2 tracks placed in the basket.

3 - 52.655,00
6 - 92.581,25
10 - 202.360,00

Master My Channel is nothing but the ultimate service. It’s the perfect match if you’re already in the youtube “game” or any other central platform on the internet.
We tailor size audio master chains for content creators like you so you can have more control over your sound and set the perfect tone on your channel once for all! 

Our service comes with an in-depth analysis of your content and workflow. We seek for analytics and metadata to see how we can improve your sound and create that unique identity that you always dream.

Your channel is continuously evolving in which we pour our expertise, which will help you enormously for the rest of your career.

We want YOU to show up online confidently with a sound signature that your channel has always deserved.

All deliverables and assets come with audio-plugins,  installations, facetime, personalized video tutorials, maintenance, and so on!



Keep creating. We’ll look after you.

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