Stem Mastering

Starting at 179,00

  • Master based on the final mix
  • Up to 8 Stems
  • 4-minute unit
  • infinite revisions – 30 days
  • Full access to Session Portal

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Extra Service

  • Options Price: 0,00
  • Product Price: 179,00

At IGMaudio, we highly encourage Ep's and Albums to come to fruition. We know how courageous you are and how difficult it is, so we're willing to grant a discount from 2 tracks placed in the basket.

3 - 5161,10
6 - 9156,63
10 - 20143,20

Stem Mastering is nothing but the alternative service to master your song. Work with an experienced sound engineer to identify the root cause of your mix so that you can focus on making the right kinds of changes. Try stem mastering today, and you’ll never go back.


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