Track Mastering

Starting at 89,00

  • Master based on the final mix
  • 4-minute unit
  • Three revisions / single track 
  • Ep & Lp’s / infinite revisions – 30 days
  • Full access to Session Portal

Upload area


Extra Service

Apple Digital Masters +

Previously MFIT

Rush Service +

2 Business Days ↺

Derivative Version +

e.g. Mastered instrumentals│ Ext. Master version

Social Cut +

Snippet version created base on your master

  • Options Price: 0,00
  • Product Price: 89,00

At IGMaudio, we highly encourage Ep's and Albums to come to fruition. We know how courageous you are and how difficult it is, so we're willing to grant a discount from 2 tracks placed in the basket.

3 - 580,10
6 - 977,88
10 - 2071,20
We help mixers, producers, and labels identify the root cause of residual mix problems and set to music the required amount of loudness that will have the biggest impact on commercial releases.
Track Mastering is nothing but the ultimate service for music creators. We shape to perfection from the ground up with our experienced sound engineer who wants something better than what’s out there. Try our Track Mastering for free today or Book a Track Mastering Session here, and you’ll never go back.Book Track Mastering

Along the process, We also...

Inspection of resolution and sample rate

Diagnosis for distortion, digital clicks, clipping

Processing In the box/hybrid or true analog

Eq and compression with discrete/Class A analog gear

Spatial enhancement Track Mastering Online
Limiting and loudness control
Fade in and outMaster My Track
Phase and mono compatibility check
Stereo/mono check compatibility for: streaming, car, event, laptop, and earphones
Sample rate conversion and dithering
Session Portal access 24/7

4 days turnaround or rush service (2 days)
MP3 Version at 320kpbs
90 data storage and cloud access
24-month secure archiving
Your content is kept 100% confidential

Recall at any time
Info track, ISRC code, and note provide

Endless AdviceBest Track Mastering
Efficient & Friendly Customer Service

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