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Our Equipment

Full Stack. All The “Secret” Sauce.

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Genelec 1037B - MODe
Main Monitoring
Yamaha Ns10m
Near field
Auratone "Horrortone" 5c
Near field
Yamaha PC2002
Sennheiser Hd800 SDR Mod
Qes Labs - HPBA 2s
Headphone Amp - Discrete Class A - Elma Rotary Switch
Valerio Ricelli passed away in 2019
Subpac S2
Sub Frequency Transducer
TPR Grimm
Exclusively Used All Accross The Mastering Chain. Headphone Incl.
Our Audio Cable Of ChoiceVisit
Lynx Hilo
AD/DA Converter
Rupert Neve Designs - 5043
Compressor - FB/FF (33609)
Bae 1023L
Preamplifier - EQ- Stereo line
Smart Research - C1La Sunset Sound 50th anniversary.
Master Bus Compressor
SSL G-Comp 500 Mk2
Master Bus Compressor
Pultec EQP 500x
Tighter Version of the Passive Equalizer EQP-1A3-SS
Softube | Weiss - Gambit
DS1 Mk3 & EQ1 | Deesser, Compressor, Limiter, and Equalizer
DDMF | Magic Death Eyes Stereo
Compressor, Limiter and Equalizer
Plugin Alliance
Mastering Bundle | SH Class A| Dangerous Bax | Brainworx | SPL / Compressor, Limiter and Equalizer
Universal Audio UAD Signature Edition Native
Fab Filter
Mastering Bundle | Pro-Q3| Pro-L2 / Deesser,Compressor, Limiter and Equalizer
Avid Pro Tools
Primary Digital Workstation
Secondary Digital Workstation
Izotope RX8
Repair Tool

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