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Listening reimagined.


We are a fully-remote professional audio firm


When words fail, music speaks reveals prevails

Working with us, you cannot go unnoticed.


Years of experience


Mixes in our hands since Q3 2022.


Our Clients

Iconic mixes expertly provided.

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Innovate each project with no exceptions.

Hit strong right out the gate, and have the biggest possible impact upon commercial release.


Always overdeliver to our clients.

With creativity, innovation, and most of all craftsmanship for your project.


Create things that inspire people.

Go where the trends are going, not where they have been.



Always Comes With Extra Outcome

If recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered, a great song is still a great song and will always compete on the level of the famous artist you’d like to be a part of—and done so by PROS, at every step.  In a world where the threshold for music and audio production increasingly becomes lower because of technology and digitalization, we want to combine forces to guarantee your project’s quality, creativity, innovation, and most of all, craftsmanship.  We provide many audio mixing options. From stereo to Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos according to your preferences. Just bring your aesthetic wish list, and we’ll help get it done beautifully and professionally.


Coca Dillaz

EDM | House Music

"I know with certainty that my mix will sounds warm, wide, loud and world-class. My records get a second life every time - put the piece in their hands!."

Real people with life-changing results

Ashley Zarah

Dark Pop

"Balir and his team are commercially competitive both in terms of speed and quality. They return their work in a timely and organized manner, with every version/file I could imagine and didn't even have to ask (nor fight) for..."

Omo Aston


"Balir was open in communication throughout the process of working with him. He truly values the work, and is committed to delivering the best possible result!"

We rise by lifting others.

Jones 2.0

Urban | Rap

"Balir took so much care and showed so much enthuisiasm, you'd think that he was the creator of the song.
All he had Sound wise was a single wav track and still everything sounds modern, crisp and the bass hits hard."

Let's Build Something Together