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About my masters

Can I change my mix during mastering?

We do not recommend this practice. Although, we understand that there are so many variables in the creative process. Once we’ve started work on a song, if you need to make a last-minute change, just let us know ASAP. We charge $40 for this, as we need to completely re-evaluate each new file for mastering.

Can I provide mix changes after mastering?

No problem! You’ll just need to book a “Re-mastering” project in your login. Re-mastering is 50% off if we can use the mastering settings of the original song.

Can I provide a normalized track?

Do not normalize files under any circumstances. No processing on the master bus, e.g. any loudness maximizing processor of any kind. Maybe a little compression from a decent outboard device if mixed on a console for a specific effect, but no limiter plug-ins, please. If you wish to give us a processed version that you are reasonably happy with as a reference then that is fine and often.

Can we have to ask for advice after the project has been mixed?

Not only our services can be present at the end of production. We’ll always be ready to assist you and give you all the advice and support you need during the mixing process.

Can you embed ISRC, UPC, metadata, etc?

Yes, but the embedding is actually done by the aggregator that sends your music to online stores and streaming platforms. Typically, we recommend using or for this. Both of these sites provide free ISRC codes as well.

Can you do mastering for vinyl LP or 12″?

Yes, but we do not cut lacquers. You can obtain high-resolution files prepared and optimized for cutting elsewhere.

Can you do mastering for cassette tape?

Yes. we need to access the audio cassette factory to know their specifications and do our best to meet their requirements.

How long do you keep the project on your database?

All data storage is guaranteed for at least 90 days. 24/7 with a permalink.

What stems are sent in a perfect world?

The sum of the stems + The exported mix with a reverse polarity engaged = Cancellation of the sound via the graphic and the speaker

This is called a “null test”. The null implies a cancelation of two signals with one in phase reversed that result with no audible sound.

If we listen to your mix and compare it to the stems, it shouldn’t make any difference at all.

It is crucial to run this test successfully. Otherwise; That can damage the entire source material if the examination has not been committed before properly. We don’t want to take risks and jeopardize your efforts. It is therefore very important to validate and have this step validated a second time.


We will also check. And if the null test does not pass, we will ask you to review your export with your protocol.

What video call do you use for MHS (Monitoring HD Streaming)?

We deliver our streaming service through any Video conferencing app. Our interface is consistent across any app and Streaming service. From Zoom to skype to twitch, we’re here. There is also a page allocated on our website for streaming.

What protocol do you use for MRC (Monitoring Remote Control)?

We use two simple tools for us to control and monitor what we listen to. All we need is a little effort from you to install the programs and authorize the share of your screen and that’s it! This process only happens once.

What is an ISRC and how do I obtain one?

Please Note: ISRC is NOT required to use our services.

The International Standard Recording Code (ISRC) is an international standard code for uniquely identifying sound recordings and music video recordings. The code was developed by the recording industry in conjunction with the ISO technical committee 46, subcommittee 9 (TC 46/SC 9), which codified the standard as ISO 3901 in 1986, and updated it in 2001.

An ISRC code identifies a particular recording, not the work (composition and lyrical content) itself. Therefore, different recordings, edits, and remixes of the same work should each have their own ISRC code. Works are identified by ISWC codes. Recordings remastered without significant audio-quality changes should retain their existing ISRC codes, but the threshold is left to the discretion of the record company.

The provision of ISRCs is overseen by appointed national ISRC agencies. These national ISRC agencies issue codes directly to the public and may also utilize authorized ISRC Managers to issue ISRCs. In the United States, the appointed agency is RIAA. ISRC codes can be obtained directly from RIAA for an administrative fee ($80 at the time of this publication) or from a commercial ISRC manager. [4] Only in territories where there is no national ISRC agency does IFPI provide codes to users.

To obtain an ISRC in your country please click this link –>

Do I have to put dithering on?

We do not recommend you to apply any dither or noise shaping to the final mix. Again if this is needed we will apply it in the final stages.

Looks like you have a big pile of speaker. Is this unusual for mastering engineers?

These are our best speakers ever! We’ve amassed our monitors over these years. We truly love speakers. One set of monitors does work for some peers, and it does as well for us.

Having these beauties, we just gotta keep switching off. Not only because we have to see where music lays off but for their tone characteristic your audio come out of it. Every time, we got the chance to discover your music the way we love to hear our systems hit us.

Got a question?
No problem.

About IGM Store

Can I try before I buy it?

The best way to try our mastering service is to add a demo master right here. You will receive a preview within 1 to 4 days and be able to see exactly how your source material will interact with your own master.

What are your payment terms?

Our services are based on a work for hire depending on the number of songs. Volume reductions apply on your order placed mainly in our mastering and mastering Stems services. Order to estimate your bill or download our price list.

How does your payment plan work?

For Information on our Payment Plans please email us at [email protected] or go to our Contact page. Briefly describe your request. We will be happy to inform you and analyze this together.

How much revision?

We allow up to 4 revisions on Track masters before we charge any extra costs. Albums and stems mastering is free of revision within 29 days after the first delivery.

Note that minor or drastic (justified) adjustments represent 5% at the request of our clients. Most of our customers agree at first listen. It is often that we usually put more effort and improvement that goes in the direction of the first listening before final delivery to make it sound perfect.

When do you charge extra for revisions?

We charge automatically after the fourth revision for Track Masters.

If you have revision requests after the 29 days window for free revisions, We charge a flat rate of $40 per mastering revision.  New mixes are billed as new masters.

What is a typical turnaround?

As soon as we receive your files, you’ll receive a confirmation. We’ll check everything meticulously and come back to you within 96 hours (max).

I have a coupon code, How do I use it?

Once you have added an item or items to your bag, click on the “Go to check out” button on the website. A little box shows

Coupon Code

you may enter your coupon code there then click apply. If done correctly you will get a confirmation that the code was successful. You will see right away the coupon code amount has been deducted during checkout. Enjoy!

If you have any problems with checkout or using a coupon code please email us at [email protected]

Are you Apple Digitals Masters certified?

Yes, We are on Apple’s list of approved mastering engineers. Which means that if you choose to have us master your project, We will follow Apple’s published guideline and by which assures you that A) your release will be labeled as “Mastered For iTunes” and B) more importantly, that the resulting AAC compressed files that are sold via iTunes will sound as close as possible to the original 24-bit masters.

Search for an aggregator to deliver your content, with the right features to thrive on Apple MUSIC.

Do you offer ongoing assistance after the project is over? (Lifetime Support)

Yes,  we’d love to continue working with you and help you along the way!

At the concluding stage of your project, we can discuss how we can continue to support your project, deciding whether the project was within scope and identify areas for further development. So you can remain in your zone of genius, working on your business.

Plus, once you’re an IGMaudio customer, you’ll have access to all your latest resources and our LIFETIME SUPPORT. This means that even after your project is done, you will be able to get a cost-price recall and free support, hassle-free project management, or collection for revision with free zoom calls, emails, or support chats with our engineers or assistants.

No matter what, We will always be at your side at all times, in good and challenging times to assist you.

Master My Channel Q&A

When do I know when I’m ready to buy your MMC service?

Just ask yourself these questions…


  • Have you a sufficient number of followers to justify this move?
  • Do you consider your channel will benefit a new layer of sound?
  • Has criticism already taken place on your channel in the past?
  • Have you time ahead to make this work together?
  • Are you willing to do the work and learn new stuff?
  • Does that service represent 10 to 30 % of your monthly income for at least 3 months?
  • Can you really afford the payment?
  • Have you saved enough for a down payment?

If the answers are YES, then it’s probably something you would consider. Book a call or shop here.

I'm just not sure I'm ready to make this investment?

When it comes down to it, the question of whether it’s worth it is really up to you.

But let us tell you this: When you make the decision to be assisted by us you’re investing in more than just an online service – you’re investing in yourself. Your hopes, your dreams, and your future.

What costs should I expect other than MMC service?

Audio equipment might be something to consider, but that’ll depend solely on you.  We’ll make sure you’re good to go each time you’ll press the record button. For sure.

Audio Plugins are essential nowadays to emulate a signal and automate a process place into a master chain of your editing program.  We’ll prioritize those you already hold and work with.  Our service includes plugins supplied with our offer. BUT if you have special needs that none of the tools you have fulfilled your purpose.  We will be happy to advise you on certain types of plugins to make this work.

Do you offer convenient, affordable payment plans?

Absolutely! We have a pricing guide that includes details on a possible payment plan. Please contact us here to obtain this document.

What if I don’t have the money right now?

Money is personal and we know investment decisions can be hard.  we’re running a small business, as well!

I would ask: what if you could get new opportunities, promotions, noticing faster, and make back your investment within months?

Each month that goes by without a master chain is another month your business isn’t growing.  Persisting on things that aren’t getting enough results is more expensive than taking action and fixing it at once.

Do you offer ongoing assistance after the project is over?

Yes, we’d love to continue working with you!

At the concluding stage of your project, we can discuss how we can continue to support your channel, deciding whether the project was within scope and identify areas for further development. So you can remain in your zone of genius, working on your business.

How can I tell if I’m ready to make this investment? I’m just not sure...

Do you have the urge to say something? Express yourself? A clear niche? Great personalities that get a sensation for your public audiences?

If you answered “yes” to all four questions, you are ready.

Need a little extra help getting there? we’re all in when it comes to advice.