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Starting at $89,00

  • Master based on the final mix
  • 4-minute unit
  • Four revisions / single track 
  • Ep & Lp’s / infinite revisions – 30 days
  • Full access to Session Portal




We help mixers, producers, and labels identify the root cause of residual mix problems and set to music the required amount of loudness that will have the biggest impact on commercial releases.
Track Mastering is nothing but the ultimate service for music creators. We shape to perfection from the ground up with our experienced sound engineer who wants something better than what’s out there. Try our Track Mastering for free today or Book a Track Mastering Session here, and you’ll never go back.Book Track Mastering

Along the process, We also...

Inspection of resolution and sample rate

Diagnosis for distortion, digital clicks, clipping

Processing In the box/hybrid or true analog

Eq and compression with discrete/Class A analog gear

Spatial enhancement Track Mastering Online
Limiting and loudness control
Fade in and outMaster My Track
Phase and mono compatibility check
Stereo/mono check compatibility for: streaming, car, event, laptop, and earphones
Sample rate conversion and dithering
Session Portal access 24/7

4 days turnaround or rush service (2 days)
MP3 Version at 320kpbs
90 data storage and cloud access
24-month secure archiving
Your content is kept 100% confidential

Recall at any time
Info track, ISRC code, and note provide

Endless AdviceBest Track Mastering
Efficient & Friendly Customer Service

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150 reviews for Track Mastering

  1. Guy C.

    Awesome stuff again from Balir. Highly recommended. A+

  2. Jose T.

    Such a professional! Always there for you, ready to help, the best of the best! You should have him at your side!

  3. Jacob A.

    A quality master returned. Very impressed! Balir adds depth and volume to the tracks and the dynamics are perfect. He is also very easy to work with and very professional. I will definitely use him again!

  4. Nate T.

    Fantastic experience with Balir! just loved it.

  5. Will C.

    Amazing ear, attention to detail, easy to work with.. First class

  6. ALB

    The 🐐 in the business always comes through for me highly recommended

  7. Adham A.

    Awesome quality masters! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I will definitely be using IGMaudio again for any upcoming projects!

  8. Chessmark

    Very respectful, very structured in the way he does his work. I’d recommend this place for anyone who needs remote mastering!

  9. Troy D.

    Diligent and a master of his craft 10/10

  10. Eric V.

    Great ear and communication, real professional. I can now really hear the fine-tuning that`s essential to get to that final level.

  11. Tyler D.

    We worked on new songs for my project. It’s beyond what any other engineer I’ve worked with had done. Would highly, highly recommend IGMaudio!

  12. Claro D.

    Very impressed with his work. Friendly, great communicator, very professional. I highly recommend using him.

  13. NYK

    Worked with Balir to mix and master one of my upcoming singles and he killed it! Really professional guy to work with reasonable pricing for quality work. I would definitely recommend working with IGMaudio!

  14. Shebloom

    I’ve been freelancing in Spain & couldn’t come up with funds for a really special song my heart wanted to release. i told the universe- if you can provide a resource, ill release it. Then Balir & team hit me up and worked with my needs, with an amazing work ethic, and now I get to share it with the world

  15. Jonah V.

    Great experience and result working with Balir – thanks again man!

  16. Eric T.

    I highly recommend working with IGM for mastering. The result is outstanding, even better than I had hoped. I will be back for my next project.

  17. Joshua G.

    Bailr is amazing at what he does! I really liked the clarity he brought to the vocals and the overall energy of the master.

  18. Nate C.

    Made this mix pop and the overall track loud. Great job

  19. Alan S.

    Very professional and personable. This is the first time I had my songs mastered and Balir made a BIG difference, he understood the vibe I was looking for and made it much better! Thank you my friend, I will be back for more 🙂

  20. Ali A.

    the work was terrific! gave me the sound I was looking for with my tracks I highly recommend this place for your next project

  21. Vineet B.

    Done a bunch of masters with Balir, Always excellent quality and fast turnarounds!

  22. Erin D.

    The guy is a beast thanks again for another wonderful master. Highly recommended.

  23. Nick D.

    Awesome work!

  24. Marcel F.

    Seamless workflow from start to finish. Excellent engineer with timely responses for changes.

  25. Julian S.

    Balir’s work is fantastic! Our project was returned to us in a timely manner, and the masters he completed sound wonderful!

  26. Clara J.

    I’m not just saying this but Balir is the best. Song by song my album is becoming exactly how I’ve dreamed it would be. Highly recomended!

  27. Auguste T.

    A really nice guy and amazing master. Having him as a collaborator has taken my projects to the next level.

  28. Zeno N.

    Great work. Fast, reliable and above all excellent Mastering. Thanks a lot.

  29. Zane B.

    Balir is the one who takes my mixes to the next level!!! 100% one of the best. And he really cares. Definitely will work with him again.

  30. Cali S.

    Had an amazing experience working with Balir. My song sounds great.

  31. Julian S.

    Balir’s work is fantastic! Our project was returned to us in a timely manner, and the masters he completed sound wonderful!

  32. Kgomotso T.

    I had such an awesome time working with Balir, he’s a really professional and one of a kind. He’s not only generous as a person, but very patient as well. He’s a well versed and skilled audio engineer who pays attention to detail and knows how to get the best sound out. I can totally recommend him!

  33. Stephen B.

    Super fast, reliable and amazing results! Pleasantly surprised to have found this service and to be working on projects together with Balir.

  34. Jason F

    Great team to work with, always strives for the best result. A++

  35. Lling C.

    I am thrilled with the result. B did a fantastic job of mastering my song, professional and fast!

  36. Sandy H.

    Outstanding quality mastering. It’s hard to find a mastering engineer that can deliver these days. Highly recommend having someone guide your song to its final destination.

  37. Tim Y.

    Great ears and great communicator!

  38. Ariel T.

    Great job on delivering the sound I wanted and even beyond that! Exactly what I was looking for. Can’t recommend enough.

  39. Eric S.

    Great experience and super fast as well.. Turned things around quicker than expected and nailed it first go. A real pleasure to work with and a true pro

  40. Areen

    Fantastic job! Such a genuine love of music and wants to get his song just right – which I highly respect. Clear directions and clear vision 🙂 Would defo work with him more in the future!

  41. Davis F.

    A++++++ Masters, we are gonna keep making dope ish I know it. blessings bro

  42. Defo L.

    Great guy and very talented mastering engineer. Balir has a great ear for pop music and managed to get exactly what I wanted out of my track.

  43. Eric M.

    Powerful and dynamic mastering… Perfect result. Excellent communication and feedback. Highly recommend.

  44. SAINT

    Brilliant mastering job: will definitely return. Professional, well communicated and sounds great!

  45. Denis T.

    Excellent sound quality and very helpful in meeting our demands,
    super happy with the final result that fully meets our expectations. A great job!

  46. Fred M.

    Excellent engineer! Excellent end result! Great service and communication!!!

  47. Charlene M.

    Great work, as usual!

  48. Jason T.

    Had a great experience working with igmaudio! The work was done very well and on time! I would definitely recommend people to work with them!

  49. Davis N.

    Awesome guy to work with! And was kind enough to take my suggestions in and do a couple tweaks which greatly benefited my end result.! 100% recommend!

  50. Helena G.

    Super awesome to work with Balir! Very on point communication, working with him is really easy and smooth process. Loved every moment of it. Such a pleasure!

  51. Kristy

    Super talented engineer! Loved working together so hope to do more in the future!

  52. Jeremy T.

    High quality, fast results. Looking forward to the next project! !

  53. William H.

    Thanks again for another high quality master, it’s so crisp!
    Look forward to working with you again!

  54. Eden A.

    Good communicator and a pleasure to collaborate with! Balir is a pro.

  55. Ashley B.

    Balir and his team are commercially competitive both in terms of speed and quality. They return their work in a timely and organized manner, with every version/file I could imagine and didn’t even have to ask (nor fight) for. They’re extremely, kind, accommodating, supportive and excellent at their craft. The first draft of the master was perfect. :] Can’t wait to keep working with you guys, Thank you Balir!

  56. Nanna M.

    It was really wonderful to work with Balir. He is both very kind, answers quickly, gives you a clear description about the schedule and what´s going on. He works effectively, listens very well on what you have to say, and really gives his best to make you happy with the result! And the result was very well done!! Thank you Balir! Cheers from Nanna

  57. Kevin T.

    Great communication, work and results! I can only recommend!

  58. James S.

    Top notch mastering engineer who adds depth to your music, sick turnaround time and a pleasure to work with! Thanks man!!

  59. Evan T.

    Very talented Engineer. Took my song and made it sound 100 times better. Great collab. More to come!

  60. Danny G.

    Absolutely nailed the mastering! The song is elevated in every way possible. Thank you. Danny 🙂

  61. Trevor S.

    Incredible certified mastering engineer. Provided several formats + Apple Digital Master.

  62. Elen A.

    Quick turnaround. And very helpful in making sure your track is ready to be mastered. A very reliable guy who really helps to get the sound I want.

  63. Kevin C.

    Best job ever! I am very pleased with the result and will definitely be back when I have another project!

  64. George B

    Terrific experience with awesome results! Super fast response time. Thank you so much for the great work!

  65. Henri W.

    The results are great. I can run my songs next to the biggest labels and the quality is the same.

  66. Griff T.

    Excellent mastering session. He managed to make it strong and warm. A very skilled and talented mastering artist. I will be a recurrent customer.

  67. Kenneth B.

    Very timely, listens to your comments and even gave good feedback on the initial mix to optimize it for mastering.

  68. Abishai D.

    Finished up the album and made it so much better, Amazing guy!!!

  69. Nicco G.

    Went above and beyond with the Mastering of my song. Took it to the next level with his suggestion!

  70. Noel S.

    fast turnaround, great quality with plenty of clarity and punch! quick turnaround too!

  71. Fabrice B.

    Excellent sounding finished master, quick turnaround on revisions as well

  72. Meghan M.

    Top notch engineer and customer service. It was an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. He really went out of his way to make sure I was happy. And my song is amazing. I would 100% recommend to anyone who is serious about their music.

  73. Griffin D.

    Fast and open to revisions throughout the process. Highly recommended.

  74. Stella B.

    Great and easy to work with. I couldn’t ask for anything better!

  75. Sammy A.

    5 stars well deserved!!!

  76. Heidi G.

    Extremely easy to work with! Solid final product.

  77. Denis C.

    So great to work with! The results are so quick and amazing, Highly recommended!

  78. Ellen K.

    Helpful and friendly and an outstanding result!
    I highly recommend, especially for the excellent service received 🙂

  79. Nazaré G.

    I didn’t know my record could sound so good, I recorded my tracks in my tiny home studio, I don’t know how it does it, thanks!

  80. Grant A.

    Highest quality masters I got in almost 5 years of studio experience.

  81. Vin E.

    This is a damn pro mastering engineer Made a 6/10 song a 10/10 one!

  82. Kevin A.

    Well done, we are very happy with the master we got.

  83. Peter D.

    First class service and terrific outcome! Highly recommended!

  84. Nate C.

    Provided different formats + Apple Digital Masters. Great Mastering Engineer.

  85. Josh J.

    Very communicative, responsive with helpful mixing advice. I received a very high quality master. Thank you!

  86. Nathalie I.

    The song itself was super crazy and Balir was very communicative, positive and detailed throughout the process. I would work again! Highly recommended.

  87. Deezil

    Brilliant on point master exactly where I wanted it to be.
    Communication first class – very highly recommended.

  88. Dante L.

    The best in the business!! Period!! Excellent!!

  89. Tim G.

    Incredible turnaround – brilliant process and nailed the brief 100%. Would use again!

  90. Rudiger T.

    Really happy with how my song turned out. Very quick turnaround, and really honored my rough mix.
    Thanks !

  91. Mark K.

    I had my masters ready in just a few days and the tracks are well highlighted.

  92. Nathan F.

    Absolutely fantastic work! Exceeded expectations, highly recommended!

  93. Mickii V.

    The reviews do not lie! Took my sound to another level!

  94. Josh Davis

    INCREDIBLE work! A highly skilled professional and very intuitive with sound and dynamics. Balir has elevated my mix to a whole new level. He is beyond amazing with direction, detail, feedback and is very patient. Absolutely one of the BEST! Thanks a lot 🙂

  95. Denis B.

    It was great to work with him the first time. He got the mastering right the first time! Extremely solid + great communicator + super fast.

    Can’t wait to work with him again soon.

  96. Jan F.

    Very efficient and committed! Fast communication and figured out what the song needed very quickly! I highly recommend!!

  97. Nazar J.

    Fantastic mastering engineer who took notes and feedback and delivered a final product that I was very happy with. Great help at the end of the process. I would definitely recommend it.

  98. Gavin B.

    Great work. Super nice guy, detail oriented, and timely

  99. Kelly F.

    Yesterday the sub and kick made their presence known in a good way. Thank you so much!🔊🎚️👌

  100. 최수희

    Amazing work, very patient, communicative, on time and mastered the song perfectly as I wanted!

  101. Tyler B.

    Got just the sound I was after so it’s 5 stars from me cant wait to get my next song done here!!! All the requested edits were done as I imagined. Time to get this album going🤝

  102. Josh Lindén

    Great guy, and super supportive. Helped me and my mix. Will be back soon again

  103. Thomas G.

    Got my songs back to me the next day! Very easy to work with and did everything to get the track sounding perfect! Worth every dollar.

  104. Ronald B.

    I think I found my mastering engineer for my next project. I’m very happy with his work. He went above and beyond for my single. Thank you, sincerely.

  105. Zooey

    I got the best sound quality for my music that I never thought could happen and left me more confidence in my music in the future. I recommend it!

  106. Ellen C.

    Great work, super responsive – loved the master

  107. Karin L.

    We’re super satisfied with the result and can’t wait to release the song. Balir did an amazing job and thanks to his skills our album reached the next level!

  108. Claude M.

    Very Friendly. Wonderfully honest about my song and how to improve it. I highly recommend this place here.

  109. DEX

    The audio quality is exquisite and spatial
    Would love to stay in touch!

  110. Erina K.

    Great guy to work with, super professional, and knows what you need!

  111. Kristoffer H.

    Brilliant, professional and timely! Great mastering work.

  112. Alan

    Super fast, super efficient. As professional as it gets 🙂 Alan

  113. Andrews K.

    Super nice and professional ! Definitely recommend IGM for a great master.

  114. Scoop

    Awesome job as usual. Balir knows how to make any song stand out and bring the life out of any mix!

  115. Svenni Bjorg

    Quick, friendly, efficient and right on point. I’ve worked with many engineers and this guy was able to get the job done in a short, timely manner. Much appreciated!

  116. Peter H.

    Very professional and helpful. Excellent work.

  117. William Newman

    Great ear and extremely knowledgeable. Nice to have someone easy to work with that knows what they’re doing.

  118. Buttacavoli

    Excellent work as always! Grateful for the quick turn around as well.🙏

  119. GLENN Aalto

    He’s my go to when I need radio quality master! Such a pleasure working with IGMaudio. Glenn.

  120. Dave Adair

    Balir really brought my mixes to life with his professional touch. He was attentive and efficient as expected – super happy! THANK YOU!

  121. Gregor J.

    I enjoyed cooperating with Ben, so patient and efficient 🙂
    The audio quality is exquisite and spatial. Definitely recommended! Greg

  122. Nik Ernst

    Very polite and easy-going engineer. Incredibly patient combined with stellar results. If you want high-quality Mastering there is nowhere else to go. 10/10 would recommend.

  123. Robert L.

    Excellent craftsmanship. Highly recommend.

  124. Michael Shynes

    Very quick, happy with the result (four songs mastered)

  125. Aaron Keeports

    Cannot emphasize how amazing the result was, delivered perfect masters very quickly. I 100% recommend IGM and will definitely be working with them again.

  126. Charlene M.

    Definitely a huge help, this mastering place is on a different level I recommend it!! 10/10

  127. Alex Fearn

    Awesome quality tracks, top notch communication, highly recommend.

  128. Alfasi O.

    Very fast and professional. Masters sounded awesome!

  129. Burssbrain M.

    Great service the cleanest master I’ve ever received and communication and delivery was excellent. Shall surely be using again.

  130. Joey Weill Berg

    Awesome mastering place!!! I can’t say enough about it and the experience is off the chart.
    But the masters are immaculate … The depth of field,… the clarity… the album sequencing… OMG, it sounds incredible!
    Can’t wait for the next mastering session with Balir.

  131. TayriO

    Another good working experience, got 4 songs mastered. The level of expertise in a wide range of genres helps a lot in completing this project! THANKS

  132. Fae

    Attention to detail. My sound is on a WHOLE new level!

  133. Fred Larsson

    I requested 5 mastered songs and received an amazing job, as expected! Very professional and super fast too!
    I tried a few mastering engineers during my career as a freelance musician, and this company definitely stood out.

    I think I have found my mastering place!

  134. John Nathaniel

    It was great to have the opportunity to work with such a pro the IGMAudio platform. I knew my tracks were in good hands. Balir delivered such a high-quality master on my album. The timing and playlist were perfect and very organic sounding. Highly recommend working with IGM if you need a track mastering session.

  135. Nicholas R.

    The session was great! The song was great and I would use igmaudio again for another project.

  136. Sammy Myers

    Thank you for all of your effort on helping us become more informed and for putting time to make these masters. I have really benefited from your advice and gained new knowledge about mixing.

  137. Eugene

    Prepare to be amazed, the songs were done in a timely manner and it’s better than expected and was well worth the price

  138. Xander Green

    Truly accurate, filigree mastering 👍🏻 We’ve ordered a number of masters for our single to have options for comparison. In a blind test, IGMastering is rightfully the #1 🥇

  139. Cindy Zhang

    Ben took what was already a great mix to a whole new level with his mastering process. The final master sounds great, professional, and polished on all devices. He was also very quick in getting me a revision after I requested a small change on my portal. I’m very very happy with the final result and will definitely be coming back!

  140. RetySeth

    Cannot recommend IGMaudio enough. The top-level engineer you’re searching for is here when you’re on the hunt. The skills, ears, and experience give you the competitive, top-notch result you’re after.

  141. Michael Featherstone

    Just wrapped my second album with IGM. With every song, Balir elevates the material to another level. All his reviews here tell you what time it is! Highly recommended to anyone looking for a great master!

  142. Anthony Giacomo

    super easy to communicate with and went the extra mile to make sure it was on point on top of that!

  143. Gregatron

    A 5 stars job! Super!! 10/10

  144. LUNA

    The master sounds amazing.

    It sounds like they really took into account the vibe/reference.
    Clear communication and he was very helpful with a first-time mixer.
    I initially had the song mastered by someone else and wasn’t happy with the results.
    Very happy to say that his version was night and day in comparison.

  145. Vineet B.

    Thoroughly professional work/delivery on rock track!

  146. nick payne

    Great mastering engineer and very easy to work with. Professional attitude and attention to detail always go a long way.

  147. FunzoB

    The work you get back is industry-standard quality and would be ready for release on even the biggest labels. IGMaudio prices are a little on the steep side and the difference in quality from cheaper engineers would is noticeable and justify. IF you are after the best, this is where to go.

  148. boris

    The elaboration and mastering of my tracks are amazing.
    The result is a high-quality product. Crystal clear and incredibly powerful.
    I appreciate it!💪

  149. Sam Deccaro

    Complete satisfaction with your mastering skills. Great handling and very helpful.

  150. Sergio P.

    Very knowledgeable and great to work with. Communication is what really puts IGM ahead in this process, professional and the end result speaks for themselves.

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